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VENHANS WP3 – Capacity Building

VENHANS WP3 – Capacity Building

The VENHANS WP3 – Capacity Building’s aims at collecting all the processes capable of empowering VET professionals’ knowledge and skills, VET providers’ attractiveness and quality of provision and VET stakeholders networking involvement, internalisation attitude towards VET learners.

Internationalisation of VET providers is considered of great importance. Internationalisation increases the reputation and prestige of training centres and allows practitioners and professionals working in the field to relate to their peers in other countries and exchange ideas and practices with the resulting benefits of improving the overall quality of the training offer.

Fostering VET attractiveness will be done by empowering VET organizations and professionals with knowledge and skills and encouraging the interest of VET centres towards the internationalization of their activities. Foreseen actions are based on peer learning, online information sessions en benchmarking.

VENHANS partners, in close collaboration with the VET4EU2 members, will encourage exchange of good practice and foster debate and discussion among VET providers all over Europe to promote excellence in VET thanks to:

  • Excellence Peer Learning Reviews. The organization of a set of Peer Learning Reviews (PLR) for teachers/trainers/operators of VET. A roadmap for physical and virtual PLR’s for the organisation of 6 study visits,  in the next months, on a regional and international level. These Peer Learning Reviews will be based on the catalogue of excellence centres of the EVTA Quality Label initiative.
  • Open VET Webinars. VET webinars will be organized and broadcasted in English and national languages, to share  information and promote exchange good practices among European VET providers. These webinars will be short seminars delivered via the internet with the support of a dedicated software platforms providing online presentation features. The content for the Peer Learning Reviews and the webinars have been agreed among the VET4EU2 members. They will focus on issues helpful to stimulate the discussion of the VET policy agenda and other EU relevant themes: the effective use of EU funds, VET excellence, tools methodologies in future proof teaching, and the added value of collaboration.
  • Benchmarking on Social utility and Internationalization. The VENHANS team will be sSetting up a benchmark toolbox, consisting of (1) a self-assessment tool and support service in the field of social utility (SOLITY) and (2) a self-assessment tool and support service to improve and strengthen the skills to collaborate internationally in projects or exchange expertise or trainees (Go International).

In the realization of all above actions, the support of the VET4EU2 platform will be indispensable; both the input and expertise of the VET4EU2 members, but also the experience of (former) colleagues will guide the work under this WP.