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“A VET Journey in Europe” Event – Powered by VENHANS

“A VET Journey in Europe” Event – Powered by VENHANS

On 29 April 2021, the event “A VET Journey in Europe” was organized in the framework of the VENHANS project and, more precisely, of its Work Package number 2 – which is fully dedicated to the theme of networking in the context of Vocational Education and Training.

In the framework of this pillar of activities, EVTA (Coordinator of the project) and ENAIP NET (Coordinator of WP2) are currently undertaking a research study to understand and evaluate the concept of networking from the perspective of VET providers in Europe, especially focused on Eastern Europe and the Balkans.

The objective is to identify countries with a low networking attitude, an unsatisfactory level of representativeness and difficulties in internationalization processes, in order to support them in increasing their visibility and reaching out to the European decision-making level and be more involved in the policy dialogue.

By means of this event, the VENHANS partnership gathered essential inputs and contributions from a selected team of experts in relation to the challenges, difficulties and potential solutions that VET providers are aware of when it comes to implementing networking activities at all levels (regional, national and European).

In order to efficiently reach this goal, the event was organised so as to provide a framework of reference on the VENHANS project and the concept of networking, as well as to foster active engagement and dialogue amongst experts by “taking a virtual journey around Europe” and exploring ways of supporting VET providers according to their country specific needs.