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Work package 4 - Dissemination

The VENHANS WP4 – Dissemination, aims at promoting the external visibility of the VET4EU2 platform and at carrying out activities to sustain the diffusion all over Europe of VET learning tools, methods, practices, in particular those aimed to improve the attractiveness and quality of VET provision and the professional development of VET teachers/trainers.

The activities of WP4 are divided into two main levels: current dissemination activities (websites, mailing list, social media as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram) and structural propagation effort – long-term effect actions that aims to promote a widespread knowledge exchange of VET culture and knowledge, the promotion of the benchmarking and quality development approach, the empowerment of the VET WEEK action to foster internationalisation and attractiveness of VET.

The WP4 package includes those actions VET4EU2 members are willing to develop and carry out togetherstrengthening the relationship and cooperation between the umbrella networks

To do so, it has 4 main activities, the WP4 team has been working on, resulting in 4 outputs:


VET Gazette – a digital VET magazine, with the aim to provide added value information to everyone interested in the VET world. Through this magazine, the VENHANS consortium wants to create the opportunity to give voice even to those ones who lack the language skills, to be heard. We would like for the VET Gazette to become a consistent tool, able to promote VET all over Europe. Within the project it is planned to release 3 issues focused on different topics relevant for VET, but it is envisioned to continue this publication even after the end of the project funding, in the framework of the VENHANS sustainability.

So far 2 editions have been issued, available through joining the VET4EU2 Hub, or here:

VET Gazette - 1st issue

Issue with focus on Work-based Learning & Digitalization, Green skills, and Micro-credentials.

VET Gazette - 2nd issue

Issue dedicated to VET and Social Inclusion with special focus on Gender engagement, Re-skilling & Up-skilling, Economically disadvantaged groups, Migrants & minority groups, and Accessibility & students with special needs.


The VENHANS team wishes to investigate the knowledge, organisations within and outside the VET4EU2 platform have about the European Vocational Skills Week and understand the level of involvement they wish to have or not have with it and why. The census regarding the VET Skills Week 2020 has been successfully carried out during the first year of the project.

Stay tuned for the 2nd Census.

1st Census report

Report from the Census implemented in year 2020.

VET Skills Week 2022 Census

Tell us about your level of involvement you wish to have or not to have (and why) in the European Vocational Skills Week 2022.


Within this task the VET4EU2 members are committed to fully support the yearly VET Skills Week organization.

The contribution is defined with the DG Employment officers, so to fully integrate the networks contribution with those provided by the other involved organizations. Workshops, panels, training sessions, etc. can be in charge of the VET4EU2 partners depending on the needs of the VET week promotors.

VET Skills week 2020

Organized by the EC in cooperation with the German Presidency of the Council of the EU with the theme: VET for Green and Digital Transitions. VENHANS was there with workshop "The spider VET in the Net: WBL for the future".


As the title suggests, this activity is focused on creation and development of the VET4EU2 website and social media channels with the aim for them to become a relevant source of information about VET. The VET4EU2 website also acts as a communication platform with its VET4EU2 Hub, providing opportunities for participating in informative webinars and networking activities.

Find us on social media here: