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VENHANS Final Events, Brussels, 20-21 September 2022

VENHANS Final Events, Brussels, 20-21 September 2022

VET4EU2 members and VENHANS partners are honored to announce that the registration for the VENHANS Final Events is finally opened!

  • 1 coordinator
  • 6 EU Associations of VET and HE providers
  • 4 national VET providers
  • 5 associated partners
  • 2 days to find out what VENHANS has learned and achieved in its years of activities.

Join us next September as we mastermind vocational excellence, internationalisation, networking, and the future of VET in 2022 and beyond. 


Our two-day meeting will include:

20.9.2022 – afternoon: VENHANS Final Event

         VENHANS final conference          

         Main themes: vocational excellence, internationalisation
21.9.2022 – morning: VENHANS Expert Group meeting (*closed event, upon invitation)
          Thematic Groups Second meeting
          Brainstorming and follow-up of the initiative
21.9.2022 – afternoon: GO&Learn Event
          GO+EUROPE Launch conference 
          Launch of the extended GO+ initiative and the GO+ info point support 
          services provided by the VET4EU2 members
21.9.2022 – afternoon: Silver Expert Group (*closed event, upon invitation)
          Silver Experts Group second meeting
          Finalisation and approval of the group mandate


Closed events are in-person only.

If you wish to attend closed events, please specify it in the form.



There is only limited space available, and we would be glad if you could join us. Please register today to secure your spot. 


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