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VET4EU2 stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine

VET4EU2 stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine

VET4EU2, the Platform of European VET associations, stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine. More than three million Ukrainians have already fled the war ravaging their homeland.

From all over Europe and the world, we hear the voices of governments, colleges, universities, NGOs and civil society groups calling for peace and respect for territorial integrity. VET4EU2 would like to condemn in the strongest terms any military aggression, express its full solidarity with all those affected by war and continue to hope for a rapid end to the conflict through diplomatic channels, so that peace and security in Ukraine can be restored. We therefore affirm our full support to partners and allies who stand united against war and work for building peace.

VET4EU2 will continue to emphasize the following statements:

  1. We condemn the Russian attack on Ukraine
  2. We encourage all to treat individual Russians in Europe well, knowing that this conflict is not their fault
  3. We encourage all VET institutions to cease cooperation with Russian VET institutions at the institutional level
  4. We encourage all VET institutions to support as much as possible, Ukrainians who have been forced to leave their country

VET4EU2 stands by the call of European Commission President Von der Leyen for Europe to remain united against war and to stand up to Russian aggression on our continent. Last but not least, we invite our stakeholders in Brussels to do the same. We pray/hold the people of Ukraine in our hearts and minds at this terrible moment in Europe’s history.

VET4EU2 team and members

You can download our statement (.pdf) HERE.